Welcome to Stephen Yurkovich's Website

2012 IEEE Division X Director Candidate

Welcome to my webpage, which has been constructed solely for the purpose of providing information for interested voters in the upcoming IEEE Division X Director election. Below I discuss why I agreed to run in the election for this position; to the right there are several links that will give you much information about my professional life and my personal life.

I possess a strong passion for the IEEE and what it represents. Having been a member since my student days, I have always felt that membership in our professional society is more than a convenience; it carries responsibility and even an obligation to serve, if the opportunity arises. I began my service in a small standing committee for the Control Systems Society (CSS) almost 20 years ago, and have since served in several CSS Vice President roles and as CSS President in 1999. Following that I expanded my service to the Institute level in areas that I enjoyed most and where I felt I could make the biggest impact; that turned out to be in the technical areas of publications, products and services. I have served for many years on the Technical Activities Board (TAB) Periodicals Review Committee (and chaired it for four of those years), a high value committee of volunteers who share a common passion for maintaining and improving the competitive positioning of all IEEE periodicals. On that committee, wherein all IEEE periodicals are reviewed on a five-year cycle, I have been very fortunate to meet current and past editors of virtually all transactions and magazines of the IEEE, and have come to understand the diversity of IEEE societies through their periodicals. In addition to this service, I have served on various other committees of TAB and on the Publications Products and Services Board (PSPB), and have witnessed first hand the tremendous growth of the digital libraries and electronic delivery mechanisms of IEEE for the myriad of technical products it offers for its members. I also understand the pitfalls and challenges that lie ahead in the areas of open access and new and changing electronic delivery methods.

The broad experience I have had in these numerous IEEE service roles has been truly amazing, and now positions me for the “next step” in my volunteer career, which is Division Director. If elected, I will bring 20 years of experience to bear on decisions made at the level of the IEEE Board of Directors, and continue to keep the best interests of our members, particularly from the six societies and three councils of Division X, at the forefront. I have enjoyed the connections made over the years in the societies and councils of Division X, and have good friends in all of them. I have even managed to publish in the major periodicals of five of the six societies, and have met the editors of all the Division X periodicals, as well as many of the society and council presidents and vice-presidents. I feel that Division X is truly my home, and I truly understand the cultures, needs, and requirements of the Division X societies and councils. I pledge to work for its members in nurturing and protecting our prominent stature among the world’s technical organizations.

Please learn more about me through the links on this page, and feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss issues or need more information. Above all, I appreciate your support in partnering through whatever endeavours we undertake in maintaining what IEEE stands for, and I hope to see you some time through conference events or other IEEE functions.