Industry Affiliations

As Director of the Honda-OSU Partnership, 2003-2011, in the College of Engineering at The Ohio State University, Prof. Yurkovich led a planning team consisting of members from Honda and faculty from Ohio State in overseeing expenditures on a wide variety of programs. Prof. Yurkovich was instrumental in developing this unique partnership between Academe and Industry, and making it what it is today. Operating in the spirit of a foundation, the Honda-OSU Partnership is a unique collaboration between university and industry, with diverse activities spanning education, research, and public service for a variety of audiences. Working with faculty from around the College of Engineering, Prof. Yurkovich initiated activities funded by income from several endowments which arose through surplus funds in the operation of the non-profit Transportation Research Center, Inc., of Ohio, currently totaling approximately $45M and producing income of approximately $2.0M annually (please see Students of all ages are targeted with activities including programs aimed at increasing the awareness of high school students in the field of transportation, an undergraduate capstone design course tied directly to engineers in industry, and graduate fellowships that attract the best and brightest graduate students to transportation related fields. Other programs focus on continuing education for engineers in industry, with development efforts in practice-oriented areas of the engineering disciplines and investment in facilities for state-of-the art distance learning delivery. In addition, world class research is being enhanced with development of infrastructure and facilities for interdisciplinary activities and collaboration, cost matching on government and industry funded grants and contracts, and by funding leveraged industrial contracts. Finally, programs reaching out to industry include a Summer Fellows program for faculty and senior researchers to spend time in industry, and funds to attract world-class researchers to central Ohio as visiting scholars for an extended period to enhance the collaborative spirit between Honda and The Ohio State University.

From 1996 to 2011, Prof. Yurkovich served as Education Director for the Center for Automotive Research, and the College of Engineering at The Ohio State University in overseeing its Distance Education Office whose operating budget is approximately $0.5M annually. Prof. Yurkovich led efforts among other faculty in the Departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering and Industrial, Welding and Systems Engineering, in continuing education and distance education for industry. He developed two specialized graduate level courses in different aspects of automotive control systems (engine and transmission control, and advanced propulsion systems optimization and control), and co-developed a third course in powertrain packaging, for offering not only to Ohio State (on campus) students, but also to engineers in the automotive industry. In addition to the graduate level courses, Dr. Yurkovich has taught several short courses in control-area topics that complement the credit courses. He defined, initiated, and administered Certificate Programs at Ohio State in which off-campus students from industrial partners receive a Certificate of Completion by taking courses for graduate credit through a focused, strategically-aligned curriculum. International collaboration through existing research programs affords the opportunity for students in these programs to experience exposure to renowned faculty from abroad who frequently visit Ohio State and participate in its educational and research activities. Since 2003, more than 60 Certificates have been granted, and since 1995 more than 600 students from several automotive companies have benefited from these programs.